Where did our summer go?  Did I blink and miss it?

Well here at The Fabric Gallery we’re on a mission to reclaim the warming glow of summer. We might not be able to do anything about the weather, but join us as we banish dull interiors in favour of something altogether more sunny.

Bring some positive vibes to your room with a scheme that’s full of yellow. It gives any room a bright, welcoming feel with uplifting, mood-boosting primrose.

Or add a level of elegance to your room without sacrificing warmth with carefully selected gold textures. Pairing sublimely with cool greys and sculptural lighting

Earthy ochre tones, matched with gold accents to tie it all together to bring a soft relief to broody dramatic interiors.

It’s no secret that yellow loves soft grey tones, but it also plays well with pastel pinks too, especially against contrasting white walls which really heros the warmth that yellow brings.

If you’d like some advice on bringing your monotone dream to life, call in to our studio, I’d love to help in any
way I can.

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