At The Fabric Gallery we love colour, I mean really really love it. But sometimes my clients ask for a more
monochrome style and I love the opportunity to bring drama to a room in its purest form.

You don’t have to have a room that belongs in the Victoria & Albert Museum, even the smallest space can be given an elegant and sophisticated edge with the use of black accessories, trims or light fixtures help sharpen the scheme.

Cool doesn’t have to be cold. Soften hard contrasting black and white with grey tones.

Choosing a black and white scheme can help create a calming, ordered space, Your quiet safe haven from the busy world outside.

Craving some colour too? Trust me, that’s OK, a pop of vibrancy can add depth and instantly transforms your space into a funky retro scheme.

If you’d like some advice on bringing your monotone dream to life, call in to our studio, I’d love to help in any
way I can.

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