We’re super excited to welcome Porter’s Original Paints to our product range here at The Fabric Gallery. Founded in Sydney Australia back in 1982, Porters combine the latest in paint technology with time-honoured traditional methods and the finest raw materials for a superior finish.


Pick a perfect pot of Porter's Paints.

Difficult to say, easy to look at. If it can be painted, there’s sure to be the perfect Porter’s Paint to suit. Famed for their speciality finishes here are just some of our personal favourites.

Eggshell Acrylic

This elegant finish is fully washable and resists scratches, knocks and stains. For walls where a very subtle sheen level is required. A matt finish that softens reflected light and glare. Gives European subtlety for an elegant finish.

Low Sheen Acrylic

Exceptional coverage and low odour. For medium to high traffic walls where a fully washable finish with a low sheen level is required. Favoured by families and for use in higher traffic areas.

Aqua Satin Enamel

Aqua Satin Enamel dries to an extremely hard-wearing finish that provides all the benefits of an oil based enamel with none of the drawbacks.

Self levelling (minimises brush marks), non-yellowing, tough wearing, long lasting with excellent gloss retention, easy to apply, low odour, fast drying with easy re-coat.

Excellent for exterior woodwork and trim areas as its high UV resistance ensures durability and longevity in extremes of temperature and climatic conditions. Resists peeling and flaking. Fully washable.


Distemper is a superbly creamy chalk based paint that dries to a velvet-like finish with a beautifully subtle natural colour variation.

Distemper is widely used in the restoration of heritage and trust houses, giving them back their original elegance and stylish simplicity.

If required, can be over-coated with Matt Wall Sealer for extra protection, and to create a wipeable finish.

Milk Paint

Milk Paint has a rustic, chalky appearance that delivers beachside style or country charm, instantly softening and ageing the look of new furniture and complimenting old.

It is made from milk by-products mixed with powdered oxide pigment to produce subtle, mellow colours. Porter’s Milk Paint is the only authentic milk paint produced in Australia.

If required, can be sealed and protected with either Porter’s All Purpose Clear Sealer, Bee’s Wax, Lime Wax or Black Wax.

Smooth Impasto

Smooth, velvety and beautifully opaque, this finish creates a sense of depth and gives walls a unique natural character, which enables styling to be pared back and creates a beautiful background for fabric, leather and other interior design elements.

Smooth Impasto has been developed for its acceptance to pigment, and for this reason we have been inspired to create a range of 44 new sumptuous, rich and compelling colours for interiors.

Can be protected and made wipeable with a protective application of Porter’s Matt Wall Sealer.

Aqua Satin Enamel

 Porter’s Liquid Copper and Patina Green are used together to recreate copper with the green patination of age.

Suitable for almost any paintable surface, both interior and exterior, the oxidisation effect that the Patina Green has on the Liquid Copper allows you to create your own authentic copper aged walls, down pipes, artworks and garden ornaments.

Call in and check out the unbelievably varied range of Porter’s Paints available for every project imaginable. 

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